What were the reasons for Elizabeth to marry? Who were some of her suitors and what were their plusses and minuses? Why do you think she never married?

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Once Elizabeth became Queen there was only one question that everyone was asking who will the Queen marry (Civilization in the West)? There are many reasons why the queen should get married. The Queen's husband position would help her with controlling her realm. Many people awaited Elizabeth's marriages so she would get pregnant and soon England would have a royal family again (Civilization in the West). The country feared that Elizabeth would not marry and then they would have to worry about her distant relatives would take over and start a civil war if she should die without bearing a child to continue on the throne. It would never be known if Elizabeth herself wanted to be married or not.

Elizabeth was the most popular of the women on the throne. The Queen decided that she would not marry a man who, was of suitable rank and status, was not a major European power, and would be content to be the Queen's consort only (Civilization in the West).

Elizabeth was asked for her hand in marriage several times. Eric of Sweden was found into consideration because he was a Protestant and was popular. Eric would not bring much financial bringing so Elizabeth denied his proposal. The Archduke Charles was one who was given long considerations to marry with Elizabeth for many years. Elizabeth felt that his power and of course him being Catholic did not suit the Protestant component of the Queen's council.

There was one problem while in Elizabeth search for a husband she had fallen in love with a childhood friend named Lord Robert Dudley. She felt that Dudley would have been perfect because he cherished her for herself and not because she was the Queen. Her council did not support Dudley as Elizabeth's husband. Considering...