What were the results of the British conflict with France?

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The French and Indian War started in 1754. The British were at first

unsuccessful and disorganized in the Americas. But they rallied and

soon, with the help of great military figures like William Pitt,

Amherst and Wolfe, they won the war. The Treaty of Paris laid out the

land gains and losses for both sides. In addition to boundary shifts,

the French and Indian War had many other effects.

The war had increased Britain's debt to 133 million pounds by 1763.

This led hatred towards to colonies whom were unable to help pay off

this debt. Grenville and other men of the British Empire demanded the

colonies to help pay off this debt. They imposed harsh acts such as

the Sugar and Stamp act. This outraged many British colonists

especially Patrick Henry who protested the Stamp Act and many other

unjust acts of the empire at one of the Virginia's House of Burgesses

meetings. They felt that they were taxed unjustly and without

representation. The British were also outraged at the lack of

cooperation and appreciation of the colonists after the support

Britain gave the colonies in the war.

There was another repercussion of the war. Men like George Washington

who fought in the war with redcoats saw the weakness of the British

army. The redcoats were not as powerful as the colonists thought. The

colonists realized that the redcoats would not always be able to serve

and protect the colonists. Also the war made colonists work together

militarily and they realized that when they were united, they could

become a force that could challenge the mighty British Empire.

The results of the British conflict with France were the debt of

Britain, which it tried to pay off by taxing the colonies, and the

realization that the colonists were strong...