West Nile Virus Protection - A Short Description of Methods Used, Both in the Past and Present.

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Many methods were used in attempt to stop the West Nile Virus epidemic. In both modern day and colonial times, people were told different things and given different medicines to prevent them from spreading and getting the disease.

In colonial times, no one knew how to prevent the diseases or how they were spreading. The priests and rabbis told people to beg for forgiveness in their church or synagogue.

In modern day, they try to teach people about the dangers of the West Nile Virus by holding public service announcements and press conferences. They tell people to stay away from dead birds, kill larvae found in washtubs and water pipes, empty places of still water, use bug repellant when outdoors, and stay indoors in the early evening.

So you see, many methods were used in attempt to cure the West Nile Virus, and prevent you from catching it. Some of them worked, and some didn't!