Western Civilization

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Western Civilization While sitting in class the other day, at the time we were discussing all the different opinionated, but factual, definitions of the word civilization. Listening intently, I thought of what I would see civilization as and how I would relate it to the Egyptians. In early Egypt, I thought of what growth and improvement was shown and how structured the Egyptians were at that time and era. How they managed to figure out so much with so little help back then? Even today still,we are trying hard to figure out how they managed to even build the pyramids. So, it is easy to say that the Egyptians not only demonstrated a form of civilization, but more so they carried a more advanced form of civilization that we have ever encountered.

I asked myself how exactly they had demonstrated that form of civilization. In my mind, the Nile River was the root of their civilization.

It helped them quicken trade, enabled communication, gave them protection, served as a religious purpose, not to mention it gave them transportation. The Nile also had an annual flooding which served as a food supply for the ground creating rich soil. Rich enough to help the Egyptians with their surplus amounts of food harvests. With the Niles annual flooding, the Egyptians soon began to predict when exactly the flood was going to come and harvest when the soil moistened. The technology that the Nile brought to the Egyptians opened up new ideas for new improvements. That was the start of their ancient civilization.

Egypt came up with a tradition where gods and a pharaoh should rule the country. They created their first dynasty under a king called Menes also. Having done this, they then realized that needed control and order in their time of...