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On 30 March 2003, we went to visit Western recycle place. This trip aimed for student to understanding the whole processing of recycling things which is waste will be processed into a new form so we can reuse again.

The area estimated about 120 ha, developed in 1984 and run until now. It runs by a private Smith company. The land was own by Australian gorverment.

In the working days from Monday to Friday, there are around 400-500 vehicles visit. On the weekend, it is climbed up to 10000 vehicles.

In front of the gate, there is a scale system to calculate the weight of garbage in the vehicles. The process is weighting the vehicle entry then later weighting it again when it exits. The different weight tells us the weight of the garbage unloaded. The rate is $79.10 per tone.

This garbage comes from all over Sydney suburb, which estimated around 16,000 tons every week.

So, every year 820,000 tons of garbage needs to be treated. Unloaded here In the future, the managed systems can update to 3,000,000 tone per year. When we reach to that time, this place will need expanded bigger.

There are three main areas in this place:

* The power place

* The recycle place

* The infill place

The power place:

In this place, we can see a huge system that has three big powerhouses with the exhaust pipes stick up into the sky. They use to make electricity energy from the methane gas, which collected from the garbage. Two Mega watts have been made in this station to supply estimate 2,000 houses. In the furture, it can expand up to 17 Mega watts. They collect methane gas from 6 meters below the ground, where the garbage buried. Some time they have to burn...