Western Scientific Paradigm

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IntroductionAs the main concern of this paper is regarding western scientific paradigm, hence it is important to understand what paradigm is. It can be said that a paradigm provides an approach of viewing other stuff and such approach is said to be materialistic in eyes of scientists. This means that every concept is viewed differently by different scientists and therefore this supplies a good approach and benefit to the world of science. The period of middle Ages was time when the West started to take keen part in the development of science and now it plays a vital role in the development of medicine and other science-oriented things.

Implications in American Health SystemWestern scientific paradigm has played a vital role in the health care departments of US. Western medicine, commonly known as conventional medicine, is such kind in which strict tests are conducted, the effects are predicted and is made as a result of several years of study.

According to the census of year 2000, there were 700,000 physicians in US and obviously this number has outgrown over the years (Green, 2005). The Western science can be categorized under handful elements, which are “philosophical, sociological, and technological.” The science and its development vary region to region and therefore, it can be said that undeveloped regions do not have enough resources to modify its scientific development. As a result of this, they follow the same old traditional approaches which they have seen being employed by their ancestors. Hence, it can be said that there is a significant difference in western science and non-western science. A study by Hebe Vessuri has pointed the differences among these two different sorts of sciences. She has pointed out that as new nations came into existence, and as new rulers dominated their areas, this brought changes...