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Names: Rui Zhi Zhao

Student Numbers: 055-051-130

Date: Nov 5, 2014

Course: IPS355

Section: BB

Professor: William Weissglas

Re: Journal #4 - Active Constructive Responding & Listening


My co-worker shares an event---"I went back to China last month."

My response---"Really!,that is awesome.I am so happy that you can go back to China.How was it ? Where did you go??"

My co-worker response---"It was really amazing! I went back my hometown and I visited some of my friends. I traveled some places too!"


Before, my co-worker and I just work together, we don't really close. He told me that he went back to China. And then, I used the Active and Constructive Responding to show that I am interested and gave my attention to him. He also responded in a good way. I feel that he is better person than before. It affected our relationship become stronger and better.


My classmate from last year shares an event---" "I had a really good day at the class today. It seemed that everything was going right. I even got complimented by my professor "

My response---" WOW, What did your professor say? What was the reason for the compliment? "

My classmate response---"I got a highest mark of class in mid-term,and professor said that I am really good."


My class mate and I were in same class last year.But we seemed talk less and less than before.Now, I used the Active and Constructive Responding I believed that our relationship is better.we will both share our good event in future to keep contact.


My friend shares an event---" I got a job interview and I got the position. "

My response---" That so great!!!Congratulations! Can we celebrate? Tell me...