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MEDIA STUDIES AS91249 - Demonstrate understanding of narrative in media texts

Using a range of film language and narrative feature in two full length movies: Boy and Whale Rider

2 reading responses all together

Characterisation, conflict and structure


Achievement with Merit

Achievement with Excellence

Demonstrate understanding of narrative in media texts

Demonstrate in-depth understanding of narrative in media texts

Demonstrate critical understanding of narrative in media texts

Must discuss how narrative features are used to help tell the story and develop the story as a whole.

Narrative = story

Feature = characteristic

Narrative features are the ways of telling the story


"Weave together the threads of Paikea, so that our line remains strong"

"Each one of those threads is one of your ancestors, all joint together and strong"

"I'm gonna need all the first born boys. It's time they learnt. When she was born, that's when things went wrong for us.

That's where we'll find the answer"

'When you extend your tongue. Your saying to your enemies 'I'm gonna eat you'"

"When you slap your chest. I want you to slap them hard"

"If you have the tooth of a whale, you must have the whales jaw to wheel it"

"He was calling to the ancient ones. Asking them to help them. Bu they weren't listening. So I tried. And they heard me"

"Koro believed so strongly

Koro Apirana

Played by actor Rawiri Paratene, Koro is the grandfather of Paikea. He is the traditional Chief and elder of the community. He is a strong leader who is determined and proud. He struggles throughout the film with allowing himself to see Paikea as the tribes' leader. A female leader is against everything he has been taught through elder traditions and what he teaches to others. In the film he...