Whas The US Better Before or After The American Revolution

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2. Considering all that you have read and studied was the United States better or worse after the revolution? In your answer consider life before and after the revolution, taking into account such documents as the Declaration of Independence and The US Constitution.

Before the official start of the Revolution America was suffering. King George III was slowly but surely expanding his empire and trying to take over the United States. In the year 1763 the Seven Years War was finally over and Britain had complete control of everything east of Mississippi. Now that the war was over Britain could put its full attention on the American Colonies. Because the British needed tons of money so that they could make up for their large expenditures on defense, they decided to become stricter with the American colonies and to enforce a series of laws called the Navigation Acts in which colonists were not aloud to trade with other nations.

There were many events that lead up to the revolution and almost all of them were inflicted by Britain. Because the best land near the coast was completely in control by the British, settlers were forced to move to the interior of North America but this created a problem because the Indians were still in possession of this area. In 1764 the British passed yet another set of laws, the Sugar Act. It made colonists pay large taxes on non-British products such as sugar. This was made for the sole purpose of creating more money for the crown. This was then followed by the Currency Act, which restricted Colonies from printing their own currency. This upset many Americans. The colonists, of course, objected to these acts and they had reason to. Many people stopped accepting British-imported goods and this became the protest...