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What?s Going On? On Tuesday September 11, 2001 the world was halted with the attacks on the World Trade Center. From that moment on everyone knew that the United States was going to do something it was just a matter of time. With all the things that are going on in the world today, you really have to stop and ask yourself do we really need to be at war with Afghanistan? No! So you?d have to really ask yourself the question what?s going on? There is just too much we have to lose by taking the risk of looking for Osama Bin Laden. You can look at what?s going on many different ways and your still going to wonder is all the pain necessary. Well I?ll tell you no! We do not need to be at war because it wasn?t right to declare it on Afghanistan. The United States was just looking for a way to get someone back for all the pain that was caused to this country.

The United States had evidence but I just don?t think it was enough to come to the conclusion that Bin Laden did it unless they?re not telling us something. We reacted too quickly to the things that happened on September 11 the United States was just trying to protect its image. We?re the big bad United States and no one should mess with us or we?ll get you back I know what happened on September 11 was not right, but we got a taste of what was happening all over the world. Now President Bush gets mad because he thinks if he doesn?t strike back then people will look at him as not doing the right thing and people wouldn?t think of him as a good president.

If you really want to be honest you could say that the United States is the bully of the world; it?s always trying to be in someone else?s business. Then when things start to get bad the United States thinks its time to blow something up and hurt people who may not have even had anything to do with what was going on.

Even if Bin Laden made the attack on the United States, innocent people in Afghanistan will die. Ronn Owens said it best, ?I agree that something must be done about those monsters. But the taliban and Bin Laden are not Afghanistan. Bin Laden is a political criminal with a plan? (Owens 1).

Bin Laden may have contributed to what happened, but that doesn?t mean that we have to go punish the country that he lives in. He?s not a real citizen of the country, I just think Afghanistan is too scared to kick him out because of what he might do in retaliation. The country already has it bad enough, so what more could the United States do? Their government is virtually nonexistent and the people are living in poverty. In fact, the average person there does not live past 50 years of age. Twenty years of war has devastated the country?s infrastructure, creating millions of refugees and causing widespread malnutrition (Washington Post).

Waging war on Afghanistan is like saying its ok, just go ahead and kill all the homeless people who are mad at you. Who could blame the people in Afghan people for being hot? Look at how we are living: driving big cars, living in big houses and making big money. Yet we still want to go and try to pick a fight.

I do agree that Afghanistan should make Bin Laden leave, but if they don?t that doesn?t mean that we should try to blow up what little they have to bring justice to a man that we think may have something to do with September 11.

The reason Bin Laden is over there is because no other country would have him. He first went there in 1979 to help in the fight against the Soviet Union. He returned to Saudi Arabia in 1989 where his citizenship was revoked. He moved to the Sudan in the early 1990s but was expelled in 1996. He then returned to Afghanistan as the Taliban?s guest (Washington Post). So I guess that means that we can just go over there and blow things up.

How would we feel if an Asian living over here got some of the men to blow up something and that country came over here and started blowing up stuff till they found him? We wouldn?t like it! The government didn?t start caring about terrorism till it hit home hard. Now President Bush wants to get rid of it; if it wasn?t for September 11 we still wouldn?t care about the terrorism that was going on.

The Taliban ruler of Afghanistan has drawn the ire of human rights groups and governments around the world with a series of edicts imposed on the Afghan people. Recently, they decreed that all Muslims in Afghanistan must wear identification tags, destroyed two 2,000 year old statues of Buddha and forbade women from working (Bowman 1).

The Taliban is a fundamentalist Islamic militia that controls 90 percent of Afghanistan. Its rise to power effectively ended a 25-year period of civil war, but now Afghanis find themselves under the rule of an austere and puritanical regime (Bowman 2).

To me that sounds like it?s not that the Afghan people don?t want to help the United States. They can not because the Taliban has things on lock down over there and will not allow the real Afghan people to be on their own and do as they please.

Either way you want to look at it there could be a bad decision. If we don?t go over there then whoever struck once might strike again. By declaring war on Afghanistan there is going to be lives lost, not just there?s but ours to. This isn?t a war against Afghanistan, or terrorism. Its just pay back to whoever did this. The United States is trying to get a message across; we?re the world and everything revolves around us so if you mess with us then we?ll come over there and blow you up.

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