Whats in a Name--This essay talks about the political correctness of NFL team names and some peoples efforts against and for this, this essay is against this issue and is an argumentative paper.

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The NFL has been around longer then most people on this earth. The first league was formed in 1920 which was called the American Professional Football Association, which adopted the name "National Football League" in 1922. There seems to be several issues with some of the traditional team names. These names symbolize the Native Americans. Any name can be put into negative context, but the NFL is representing these names with honor and strength.

There seems to be a lot of names in football and baseball that represent the Native Americans, yet I only came up with two from the NFL. The Washington Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs are the only teams of Indian descent. The real football fans don't seem to mind these names; it's the people who are so worried about having everything politically correct.

A man by the name of George Marshall headed an organization that purchased an NFL team for Boston in 1933.

The team played at the home of baseball's Boston Braves, so it adopted the same name. The following year, the Braves moved to Fenway Park and changed their name to what we know now as the Redskins. The Redskins kept their name when they moved to their Washington home in 1937.

The original AFL franchise of the Chiefs was the Dallas Texans, but was relocated to Kansas City. Owner Lamar Hunt picked Chiefs as a nick name to honor Kansas City mayor Roe "The Chief" Bartle for his efforts in securing the team. Bartle had promised to enlarge Kansas City's Municipal Stadium and guaranteed Hunt three times as many season ticket sales as his club had in Dallas as the Texans. The Kansas City Chiefs were named after someone who was obviously a Native American, and had no problem...