"The Wheat Field" by Steve Thayer.

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Who Done it?

In the mysterious novel, ?The Wheat Field?, Steve Thayer really attracts his reader?s attention. Throughout his characterizations and descriptive words he brings the story to life. Pliny Pennington, who was the key character, was described to be an important officer of the small town, of Kickapoo Falls. Prior to being an officer, he served in the army as a sniper. Michael Butler, as well as his wife Maggie Butler, grew up in the same town as Pliny. Pennington being a recluse in school, never told Maggie of his feelings for her. Caren Sprague, who looked very much like Maggie, also plays a key role in this novel. All awhile, this is taking place around 1960, in Kickapoo Falls of Wisconsin.

This excellent novel described a fiction story of two uncanny murders. Pliny Pennington, an officer of the small town, Kicapoo Falls, was the first to the scene.

The two bodies lying in the middle of a manually crafted crop circle were brutally murdered. The man, who was Michael Butler, died from a shotgun blast to the groin. The woman he laid naked with in the field was thought of to be his wife, Maggie Butler. She had died of a shotgun blast to her face. As the murders became increasingly investigated, officer Pennington uncovers more evidence. Antagonist such as, Deputy Fats, Caren Sprague, and some other small characters, became a conflict to Pennington as he tries to solve the murders. The small town officer finds pornographic films of the two dead couple accompanied by, Fats, Caren, and the Senator. Digging deeper, Pliny finds out that these films were being sold over seas, for a great deal of money. Suddenly everything pieces together and Pliny knows who?s guilty! Only a short time later does Pliny find...