Wheather gun ownership should be banned or not, why

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In the last century, approximately 200 million guns were in private possession (Lott 1998). It is believed that firearms should be banned since they are associated with suicide, crime and accidental shootings. However, I strongly support the idea that firearms should be allowed, in that using gun properly may frightened criminals away and benefits environment and entertainment. Additionally, the freedom to choose owning firearms should be respected. The purpose of this essay is to argue that private gun ownership should not be banned.

Firstly, all individuals process certain right to choose owning guns. It is an accepted fact that each of us was born free and equal. Enjoying freedom is a significant part of fundamental right that belongs to us for our common humanity as human beings. Laws have a responsibility to protect the rights of all people as the safeguarding of human freedom and equality. Therefore, now that the freedom to choose owning firearms is independent of government or others, this right cannot be taken away from all the gun owners simply because of particular individuals (Firearms 2008).

Additionally, firearms have a definite defensive use for the law-abiding citizen to protect themselves from law-breakers in times of real need. A series of seminal studies have presented that handguns are used as much as 3 times often by victims to repel crime than they are used by criminals in committing crimes. National surveys also found that 98 percent of the time guns are used defensively (Lott 1998). In many cases, numerous law-abiding citizens have protected themselves or others successfully in the criminal situation by using guns: Pizza delivery men robbers, numerous robberies are foiled on the streets and in stores (Lott 1998). Moreover, it is particular true that murder rates decrease when then number of people carry guns increases (Lott...