Which Diet Program is Better?

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A good advertisement is one of the most important factors for a success in business. An effective advertising company is essential if you wish to produce profits in a short amount of time. In a course of ten hours the average American see about two hours of television ads. Advertisements are amongst us everyday. Companies go through great lengths to get the attention of the general public. In class, we discussed how businesses cross-advertise their items with others. Creativity is a critical part of an advertisement. The general public isn't interested in boring redundant commercials. That is the reason why every company has to create a new slogan or hook all the time. People don't notice, but they are advertisements themselves. When people wear certain types of clothes, they are walking ads for the company that made the clothes. There are many diet programs around the world today so many of them are successful in getting the audience's attention.

The company always puts those late infomercials about dieting late at night so people that are up at that hour will see. They use celebrities to endorse their product. For example, Kirstie Alley is the spokeswoman for Jenny Craig diet program. That has garnered many customers to try the program. Furthermore, there are many TV dinners that have South Beach diet on it to entice the costumer if they are dieting. That diet is another successful one in market. Those are the two of the many diet programs that will be surveyed to see how effective they really are.

South Beach is one of the diets that have been making noise for the past few years. The person that made this diet possible is Dr. Arthur Agatston. He goes into details explain about carbohydrates and fats. According to Dr. Agatston, "My...