Which do you think was the biggest cause of the war, Munich Agreement or Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia?

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Which do you think was the biggest cause of the war, Munich Agreement or Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia

After Hitler took power in 1933, it was obvious that the world was moving towards war. Especially when Hitler started to built army and remilitarized Rhineland, tension spread all over the Europe. The trigger of Second World War is Hitler's invasion of Poland. But there were two other important causes that led the world into WWII.

One important cause is Munich Agreement. This is an agreement between Britain, France and Germany that gave Germany Sudetenland. The aim of doing this was appeasement. France and Britain wanted to satisfy Germany by giving it Sudetenland in order to prevent war. However this was problematic. Hitler wasn't satisfied of gaining Sudetenland and kept demanding more territory - Czechoslovakia. Consequently, Munich Agreement only made Hitler more confident on himself. The more confident, the more desire Hitler had.

So, Munich Agreement did nothing about preventing war, but it only added fuel to the flame.

The other cause is Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia. Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia after he invaded Rhineland, Austria, and Sudetenland. Britain and France didn't stop him invading Rhineland, Austria, and Sudetenland because the reason that he invaded them was to save Germans in their. However there were no Germans in Czechoslovakia. There was no acceptable excuse any more. It was obvious that Hitler wanted to take over the world. Also Britain and France thought that the only way to stop Hitler was a war.

Surely Munich agreement is an important factor that caused WWII. For example, Russia decided to sign a treaty between Germany in 1939 because of this agreement. Britain and France were the main countries that created Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations, thus created Czechoslovakia. Britain and France...