Which of the following would you describe as the most important agent of globalization in the 20th century

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Technology in my opnion is the most important agent in globalization in the 20th century. Globalization happens when people spread ideas and their way of life. In my opnion technology spread our ideas in the most promenade way in the 20th century. We have the Internet, which is the most important link to our world around us. Most people at one time believed globalization was not possible, yet technology has made our society more global. The use of the Net to communicate local, ethnic, religious, and national cultures to a worldwide and international audience. This could be called optimistic multi-culturalism on the Net where anyone with access can participate. International business and worldwide Internet e-commerce, promoted by transnational corporations, for access to friction-free worldwide markets. Local identity groups using the technologies of globalization to promote political interests. "Our societies are increasingly structured around a bipolar opposition between the Net and the Self" (Castells, 1:3).

160 Some people say that "New information technologies are integrating the world in global networks of instrumentality. Computer- mediated communication begets a vast array of virtual communities. Yet the distinctive social and political trend of the 1990s is the construction of social action and politics around primary identities, either ascribed, rooted in history and geography, or newly built in an anxious search for meaning and spirituality. The first historical steps of informational societies seem to characterize them by the preeminence of identity as their organizing principle." (Castells, 1:22) Globalization and technology goes hand and hand with the Internet and its many partners