Which is more important,computer or teacher?

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it is better concern nowadays that computers are playing an increasingly significant role in education. Convinced of this phenomenon, some people believe that compared with the former one, teachers have changed to be trivial to students. On the surface of it, this may seem to be faultless, but if for a further consideration, I trend to agree that both of them promote positive function to education, and neither should be neglected.

No one could deny the fact that multi-media teaching, which, to a great extent, is also an exploitation of computers, does enhance students' interest of study. Because the computer presents a vivid world in front of us, which will make the dreary and lifeless theoretical knowledge colorful and lively, and what is more obvious is that it means the notable increase of students' study efficiency.

Another point we should consider is that the education is available to us even we just stay at home because of the Internet, which is also provided by computers.

A clear example in this case is that students learn through the Internet during the SARS period without worrying about being infected by the dreadful disease.

However, students in schools should be taught not only to acquire knowledge but also to learn how communicate with each other, which is the mission of teachers but impossible to computers. Teachers always are able to gain a better view of how to organize, motivate and discipline their students by encouraging the latter to voice their own opinion. What is the point is that we can communicate with our teachers easily, but inconceivably with the machine.

For the demonstration presented above, it is not difficult to get the conclusion that both computers and teachers have advantages in education. What we should do is to make...