Which is More Important to Pip in the First Section of "Great Expectations", to be Loved, or to be a Gentleman? Deals primarily with Pip's upbringing and his relationship with Estella.

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Which is More Important to Pip in the First Section

Great Expectations, to be Loved, or to be a Gentleman?

Great Expectations, is a story, which follows the life of a young man, named Pip. During Pip's struggle towards manhood, he discovers a need to become a gentleman, at all costs. This obsession begins when he first meets the beautiful and rich Estella, destined to break his heart.

What we are trying to understand in this essay, is why Pip would like to become a gentleman. Is it for the love of Estella? Or for the status, power and riches that Pip believes will automatically go along with being a gentleman?

Pip, began his life being raised 'by hand' by Mrs Joe, his sister and cruel mother-figure and having nothing more than an over-grown, little boy for a father. He was brought up in a tiny village on the marshes, over-looking the sea, in a small house which he later believed to be 'common'.

As a little boy, Pip was starved of affection, although he had Joe, his brother-in-law, Joe did not fill his proper role as a father. So, without normal parents to look after him, Pip found someone else to worship and adore, someone who would take his mind off his problems, someone he truly loved, or at least whom he thought he loved. This person was Estella, adoptive daughter of the relatively insane, old Miss Havisham. When Pip first met Estella, she was cruel and spiteful towards him, which immediately left him longing for more. She continuously called him 'boy', simply to prove to him, that to her, he was no more than an inanimate object, brought to Satis House simply to do Miss Havisham's, bidding.

Estella was mature and rich, and...