i whis i had never met him

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I Wish I Never Met Him

Two years ago, I met this guy online. He lived really close to me and we talked one night for a couple hours. He seemed like a really nice guy, but he wanted me to go to his house right off the bat, so I lost contact with him. Well, fast-forward to about seven months ago and I found him on facebook, so I added him as a friend. At first, I was just wanting to be his friend, but we started talking online, then he started talking about sex, then he started talking about wanting to have sex with me. He kept asking me over to his house and I kept telling him no. Well, finally I didn't have any more excuses, so he came over to my house and watched a movie. He was a perfect gentleman; even though he made it clear he was attracted to me.

Two nights later, he called and asked me to come over and hang out at his house. So I went...we ended up watching TV for a little bit, we drank a couple beers, and then we ended up having sex. It was completely unexpected for both of us. Well, after that, he would call every night (he worked nights), and we would talk...we hung out a few more times and talked on the phone less and less. We never really said what we were doing, but then I found his profile on a dating site before harvest. Meanwhile, I'm going through a lot of personal stuff. My father passed away the week before harvest, and then two days after he invites me over and we hang out. Fast-forward to Christmas.... he tells me he has a week off, but never offers to hang...