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I grabbed the dagger hanging from the troll's thigh as I bent before the cliff awaiting death. I pulled it from its holster and in one swift move twirled it in my hand then rammed it through the troll's primitive boot, stopping when I hit dirt.

I seized my friend Trevor's forearm and pulled him away from the other troll. The troll clumsily thrust his sword at me and struck the other troll in the shoulder, slicing through his crude armour.

The uninjured troll ran to catch us as we bolted for the gate of the castle wall, but his meaty legs were much too large and awkward to beat our panicked stride. The other troll quickly followed but had to limp, giving him no chance whatsoever.

We reached the gate and had to struggle to turn the wheel that brought up the gate by an old pulley system.

We didn't bother to lift it the whole twenty feet, instead, we turned it just enough for us to slide under. Therefore when the troll's got here, they would have to waste time.

I pushed my friend through first, and then crawled under. I was so close to freedom when the troll grabbed my vest collar and pulled me back as I grunted trying to hold on to safety, serenity, and sanity…

I wake up suddenly in a moist halo of sweat. As I sit up my eyes try to adjust to the pale moonlight gleaming through my open window.

"Same nightmare again." I mutter to myself in a grainy voice.

I place my head on the pillow again and wander off into the vastness of my own mind.

The next morning I wake up to the family cat absent-mindedly stalking my hamster again. It leaps at the cage and...