White Collar Crime vs. Street Crime.

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An issue that continuously plagues our society is crime. Crime affects everyone through out their day to day routines. On a daily basis we hear of murders, robberies, and rapes via the media. These types of crimes are categorized as "street crimes." For many individuals, such crimes are the only "tragic" crimes, the type that are senseless and generally preventable.

There is however, another verity of crime that affects its victims in a relative manner just the same as street crimes. These crimes are called "white collar" crime. Both crimes affect victims in a serious manner, and the effects can be devastating to the individuals involved and to the community.

Both street and white collar crime have severe consequences to all involved. In most instances, white collar crime takes a told on its victims financially. This isn't to be said that white collar crime does affect victims in other ways.

In some ways corporations can be twice as deadly as a street gang. When a woman dies of because she falls victim of insider trading and she looses her retirement money and is unable to pay for her health care, is this not murder in a sense. Whether a man is murdered by drive by shooting or is the result of racketeering "hit," it is still considered murder. In both scenarios, there are defined victims.

The one answer that our politicians offer for combating street crime is to offer more money for the Justice system. More police officers, more judges, and most importantly more jails and prisons. In my opinion, the direction to look is towards is education and not building more prisons. Education is a way to prevent rather and deal with crimes.

The media broadcasts such shows such as "Cops," which gives American's the idea...