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White converseYou wearing them that day you got on the plain to live Canada for one year, remember that you get them because you where not sure of what color would sit to the Canada style with excellence, so you get them because you could paint them otherwise.

In the plane you know that the trip will last about five hours long, in consequence you take off your nice and brand new white converse tennis an looking forward to get a nice nap before the plastic plane food arrives. But the baby is crying, and those girls cant stop laughing, not a nice and sweet laugh but a insane laugh, the old lady in the back is fighting with the guy on the bathroom and now the plane smells now and I don’t want to know why. Anyway you give out your plans of sleeping as you did to conquer the world.

Latter the food arrives, nothing to get scared, but you question the existence of that pasta, and turn out to be too late to study philosophy. It wasn’t until a few minutes later the plane starts shaking so hard and strong that the only thing you could see is some pasta flying all around. Minutes later the plane stopped, good for you, now you don’t have to eat that mutant pasta because is already in that kids face, and everybody is so shocked, scared and silent, this could not be a better time for a nap.

But you realize something unparticular in the floor, like something is missing, like a band new converse white show is missing. Nothing is so perfect you thought. You start a emergency research of the whereabouts of your shoes. You look everywhere including the bathroom where you find out where that smell came from after all, there is no sing of any where, you ask the people, but the tennis had disappear totally. Hours after you get down the plane hopping of a miracle to get your shoes back, but you know you will never see them again.