White Heaven!

Essay by fathmathshifnaA+, October 2006

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Dark stares of pain rolled up my sleeve

Tickling my sides down, down to me feet

Where it sat fretting, refusing to leave

Crackling of wood on the hearth

Snaps of its heat on my face glowed

As I laid on he bed sprawled

An attempt was made to wriggle a toe

Encased in plaster, hung on a pole

As toes refused quarter, as finger 'came claws

Worst of all, to hell, I knew not where I was

White linen, white-White was all

Even the garb, which I will call my cloths

My father a man, Daniel - dead by denial

Mother a village bicycle, hated women senile

One thing I love & that is sugar ale

Besides those the fogs of recall is just insane

Like bits of plaster that showed me little

Besides the colors of my life, a broken puzzle

Those that fell into place, proper as the cogs & spindle

Showed little of part of a party of friends

Most with arms & sleazy leather pants

Drowning their loot into rounds of poker in ace

With 'onstant bickering & snaps of cider ash

Whilst I in a corner had slept the day

With nerves for needles & sniff at crack

The pink horizon with white oblivion eating cells

I smiled at the coppers that ate my lead

Distant thunder with screech of fury

Gravel burned rubber, siren filled through me

Turns of tables' exchange of rounds soothe me

Patter of feet's, rough hands dragged that 'fore shook me

Curses given, they all left me drooling all o'ver ee

Bang of door splinter flew over, in shower over me

Rolled I was and cuffs bit to hands most wobbly

As feet and sticks racked havoc and snapped em

My arms legs in anger snapped and screamed...