White Light

Essay by lil_devila June 2009

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“Marley get back here” a shout after my dog who has just broken another leash and is now running through the forest after a squirrel. “Marley” I shout again but it’s no use I guess the chase is on. As run after him, I trip over a root protruding from the ground. The last thing I see before hitting the ground is Marley looking at me tail wagging. I sit up slowly my head is killing me. I can’t see straight never mind think straight. As the world slowly stops spinning. I try to figure out where I am. The light is dim and I can’t see much more than trees. Then I remember chasing after Marley. “Crack”, I turn in the direction of the noise but I can’t see anything. “Marley is that you” my voice comes out as a small whisper. I listen for the noise again but I hear nothing but an eerie silence, I can’t even hear my heartbeat.

I snap my fingers just to make sure I haven’t gone deaf. Everything is suddenly dark except for a small white light. As I stare at the light it slowly grows bigger as if something were approaching me. I try to make a sound but nothing comes out. The light is right in front of me now. Part of me wants to know what its is, but that part of me isn’t controlling my limbs. I’m out of there before I know what’s happening. I don’t stop running until I’m out of the forest. I come out onto an unfamiliar street and I have no idea where I am, there are a few rundown houses but none look particularly inviting. I wonder where Marley is; he’s probably already found his way home that silly dog. I continue walking until I see an old woman. “Excuse me could you help me?” my voice is still nothing more than a whisper. The old woman doesn’t even look at me. I tap her on the shoulder and she jumps slightly then continues walking. I give up, I don’t have the time for her I really need to get home. After walking a few more blocks I finally I see something familiar an old rusted boat it looks so out of place in the middle of a park. I’m too tired to walk any further and my head is still killing me so I decide to rest under an overhang on the boat. Just when I start falling asleep I see the same slowly approaching white light. Once again, I run. It feels like I’ve been running for hours before I stop. When I do it’s slightly brighter out and I realize I’m only a few blocks away from my house. I walk home slowly trying not to think about how mad my mother will be with me for not coming home last night. When I get home Marley is there along with my mother but when I try to talk to her, instead of getting mad at me she just ignores me. That scares me more than any scolding ever could. I’m too tired to deal with her right now maybe she will want to talk in a bit. I take some aspirin and go to bed. When I wake up it feels like I’ve only been sleeping for a couple of minutes and my head is still killing me. I feel the presence of something in my room I look around and see my mother packing my things into boxes. I sit up slowly and my bed creeks. My mother turns around, a surprised look on her face, then she comes and sits down next to me and I think she going to say something but she just starts crying. I try and console her but nothing I say has any effect on her. When she finally calms down she gets up and leaves without saying a word. I can hear her getting into her car so I hop in along with Marley before she can protest. She drives us downtown to a cemetery I’m not sure why, but I follow her as she walks Marley to a freshly dug grave next to my fathers, piled with flowers. I feel embarrassed and confused. I can’t remember hearing about any one that we knew dying recently. I kneel down to look at the name on the grave and almost die of shock, if that’s possible. There must be some mistake. That’s my name on the tombstone that’s my birthday and that’s my picture on some of the cards surrounding the stone. I feel the spot on the back of my head where it hurts there is a large gash. I turn to my mother but realize that I’m alone, accept for a slowly approaching white light. This time I do not run from it, this time I walk into it.

short story written for English class don't remember what grade i got for it