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Have you ever had to survive a huge storm in the middle of the ocean on a sailboat? Well probably not, but if you want to find out what it may be like then the movie "The White Squall" is the show that will fulfill this need. However you can't have a ship that will sail without a good captain. The skipper guides all of these young men through many toils and fears.

The skipper has many pros, one of the many, and probably the most important, is that he is a good sailor. If he wouldn't have been a good sailor, the guys would probably would have died, starved to death, or gotten lost in the middle of the ocean. He is very good at his job, he keeps all the young men in order and disciplined to an extent, he did however, lose 5 of his crewmen in a huge storm.

When himself and his crewmates are rescued and return to land, he is blamed for everything that was bad that happened on his ship. Just think if the sailor would have been a bad sailor. They, without a doubt, would have been dead or killed within a few weeks or earlier depending on the sea conditions.

The skipper also has an ability to persuade people to face their fears. This may not sound like a very good attribute, but as it turns out this actually comes in handy later in the movie. An example of this is when one of the men needed to rescue another crew mate. If the skipper never made him climb the ladder, he never would have learned to face any more of his fears in life. This movie was based on facing your worst fear and beating it.

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