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The love that was shared through Clarissa Dalloway and Juliet I thought was most interesting. They both shared bonds by which they where told to love someone or thought that they should love another by which they did not have the feelings of love for. The two, Clarissa along with Juliet both must have made the right choices for their relationships on account of the length of time they lasted. Juliet was in somewhat of a different case, she was told to love another but rejected it, in spite of her unconditional love for another, regardless of all the conditions that came along with it, she tried to make her love work. Clarissa was just a wife who seemed to have lost the love for her husband, and was secretly in love with another. At the present time love has changed dramatically as time pass, commencing the years when the novel Ms.

Dalloway was written. In the past love seemed to be more of a necessity and a need, meaning that without it a person would be lost. Love was written in novels and plays in the past, they would portray love as a gift, something to be cherished and nurtured. Love was something that would allow people to grow and by love it would complete a person. In the past love was something that was not easily obtainable, by on part of the technology that was created by man. In addition love was something that, people cherished and could even relate to, through all the deaths and assassinations of various kings and queens, it distinguished the importance of the meaning love. In play, Romeo and Juliet, love between the two was really essential in the development of the play, it emphasized the power of love, and how it...