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Through Virginia Woolf and Zadie Smith came two characters: Joyce Chalfen from With Tooth and Clarissa Dalloway from Mrs. Dalloway. The two both differently and distinctly shared a common bond. They are both married parents with some type of life work, nonetheless something to preoccupy their time with. As one Clarissa and Joyce, their lifework is not white-collared business type suit wearing everyday type lifework. The children seemingly are not physically nor mentally effected by there work. Joyce Chalfen is around her forties and Clarissa Dalloway is around her fifties.

Joyce Chalfen is a gardener and writer, she describes the next generations of her family in her best-selling book of the 1970s, The New Flower Power, as cross-pollination between a lapsed-Catholic horticulturist feminist and an intellectual Jew" on page 309. Clarissa Dalloway was on the other hand a person who is in manly just the typical cliché; meaning she is just a person who feels and has emotions just like we would, she is a person that just strives for the best for her, and does what she needs, to survive; on that note, she also doesn't have a job, her lifework were mostly just, fine fashion, parties, and high society and to please all that are in contact with her family but mostly her husband Richard Dalloway.

She is on the same level as a trophy wife, by means of her husband Richard Dalloway showing off to society a display intended to exhibit his attractive wife, wealth and success to others. Richard Dalloway's primary motivation this "wife trophy" pattern is in order to impress others. This was considered a well endowed or manlier if Clarissa is more attractive. But I think this is a case of when she gets older and less attractive Richard might divorce her and remarry...