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Brynn Walton

Period 4 / IB prep English


"The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse" Lit Based Paragraph

In the short story, "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse", John Byro wouldn't dare accuse the boys of stealing his horse for the sake of keeping his friendship with their family, instead he is patient with them until they realize what they did was wrong. For example, when John Byro comes across the boys walking the horse he says, "I swear it is my horse….it is the twin of my horse." By using the words "swear" and "twin" he is implying that he knows it's his horse but he's waiting for them to realize what they did was dishonorable. John Byro gives Aram and Mourad many opportunities to be honest and admit that they stole his horse, because he is hoping that their integrity will overpower their dishonesty.

He shows a sense of charity and good-will when allowing them to learn from their mistakes. Due to the fact that Aram's and Mourad's family is known for their honesty, John Byro went with what his heart was telling him: "But, a suspicious man would believe his eyes…my young friends." When John Byro says he believes with his heart instead of his eyes, he is saying that he believes the boys are good-hearted and that they know better than to steal. Also, when John says "friends" he emphasizes to the boys that they are friends and because of that he is allowing them the opportunity to be honest and return the horse. In the end, the boys returned the horse which shows us that even though people lie and are dishonest, most of the time integrity prevails.