Whites discriminating against blacks, blacks discriminating against blacks in the film "Glory"

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Glory is a movie about the Civil War. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest war movies of all time. Glory is about Colonel Robert Shaw and the first all-black volunteer company. Shaw and the 54th regiment have to fight the prejudices and discrimination that they face. In this movie there were two forms of discrimination, black against black discrimination, and white against black. At the end of the movie, everyone realizes that heroes come in all colors.

An example of white against black discrimination in "Glory" is that very few white people believed in the black soldiers. The high ranking white officers didn't think that the blacks would be good soldiers. An example of this is that there was no intention of using the black soldiers in combat. Even though the 54th was prepared for combat, all they were being used for was hard work and manual labor.

Another example of low confidence in the 54th is the soldiers were ridiculed by the sergeant. Sergeant Mulcahy treated the soldiers as though they would never be ready. A white soldier jeered the blacks saying "I would rather a hog than a ni**er, at least you can eat a hog." The black soldiers were willing to fight just as hard as the whites but no one believed in them. Colonel Shaw had to blackmail his commander in order to get the 54th transferred to a combat command. Whites also discriminated against blacks in "Glory" by treating them as if they were inferior. The best example of this is that the black soldiers were supposed to receive less pay. Even though the black regiment was doing the same work and could "stop a bullet just as good" as the white soldiers they were supposed...