The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth; How Essays Actually Impact Students

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As a student, I write my essays to gain the favor of my teachers, and to set myself apart from my colleagues. Now that I know how to write an essay that will appease my professors, I am learning to perceive the numerous flaws that surround them. Currently I am at a critical stage in my life where I need not only stand apart from students in my classroom, but also from those all around the entire country. Columbus City Schools interpret quality writing compositions falsely, as those containing five paragraphs, each beginning with a topic sentence, and come to a conclusion with the literal phrase, in conclusion. This standard has been my only curriculum since the fourth grade and has been wearing thin ever since. With this ever-changing, prestigious sea of applications to universities, I have to reprogram my techniques toward a more sophisticated style of writing, which will truly show my intelligence, charisma, and passion for it.

True authors are those who compose their texts freely, without the persuasion or motivation from other people. I however do not have this luxury. Prompts in school have been gnawing at me to write what my teachers expect to read. In the entirety of my previous literature career, I have been dubiously drilled to have a mindset where I write in a specific way, which demonstrates no skill, but only simplistic memorization. This is a universal style of writing that anybody can follow, but fails to show actual intelligence. This does not show my ability as an author to compose quality work, but it merely expresses that I am weak in having to follow one set standard. When I stick to a constant format, I am the equal to a lab rat on his treading wheel. I can shoot out essays...