Whose Life Is It Anyway?-by Brian Clark

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In the play, Whose Life Is It Anyway? ,composed by Brian Clark, considers the physical, emotional and intellectual journey of patient, ken Harrison, who presented with an unusual Journey because the quadriplegic which paralyzed from neck down. His journey is expressed he composer's use of dialogue, characterization and use of language features and structure of texts. Ken's quest on his journey is to discharge from the hospital and also his physical condition. While on his journey he gains new insights and understanding of himself and the world around him.

In ken's physical journey, before the accident his condition was sculptor and teacher which was active life. Now he needs to spend rest of his life stay in hospital to support paralyzed body for accident. From that time his life's journey has changed dramatically can no longer sculpt or teach and no more sex. There were two things to challenge in his obstacles which were physical condition and hospital.

In quote ken said "I can't feel thing" that shows he cannot move anymore from neck down and his very frustrated of accepting his circumstance. The ken's physical state as a quadriplegic influenced his emotions. "For me life is over" his physical journey has impacted on his inner journey is that he no longer want to live.

In Ken's language he uses shows he's an intelligent, quick, witted and humorous. He also uses sexual innuendo. In emotional journey ken describes himself as "I've only a piece of knotted string between my legs". He was frustrated and realizes to his embarrassment, that he engages in sexual banter to compensate for his physical inadequacy. In ken's intelligent uses his mind and languages as his weapon to fight for his right, he tells DR Scott she's "Impotent" or not powerful when she tries to...