Why the 1950s werent as wonderful as some thought they were.

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"Clear and limited roles for mothers, fathers, and children establish a harmonious and efficient family life."

- In each family, the father was held with the responsibility of being a good provider. This concept of supplying the family with food and money to spend is quite typical in most families, but one article describes it as an "ulcer-producing, coronary-provoking, and death-inviting task." (2) Fathers wanted to be proud of their family's wealth and also wanted to be looked upon by others as very successful so they needed to work extra hard to achieve this goal. The outcome rested entirely on their shoulders because the mothers did not earn any income. They had their own role as well as the kids. Work went to many of these fathers' heads and "his life revolved almost entirely around his work- so much that the values of work were often brought into the home."

(2) This caused chaos throughout the household because these men were living lives that were much too stressful to cope with. They felt the need to oppress the family (2) since their job's were oppressing themselves and this left the families in a tight spot.

- This way of family life was held together by a thin string provided by the mothers of these households. The mothers actually played just as big of a role as the fathers during this period even though they did not earn income. If it weren't for the mothers, the house would not be tidy every day and the food would never be prepared for the fathers coming home from work after a long, stressful day. Not to mention, the kids wouldn't receive the amount of attention they needed to mature from babies into healthy, well-versed children. Since they had to manage this demanding schedule,