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"Rambo, get up out of bed, it's time to get to work." With a majestic yawn, Rambo Gencher arose from his bed in the vulgar apartment he was currently calling his home. Every morning, Rambo would get up to the call of his close friend, Marisa, who lived in the apartment next to his, and worked with him at the Daily Star Newspaper. Actually, Marisa had to pull a lot of strings just to get Rambo an interview with her boss.

"There was an accident on the 1010 so if we don't leave soon we'll be late again, and I m pretty sure that Mr. Dupont will fire you this time, it's just about your billionth chance. COME ON!"

"I'm coming I'm coming, just let me...."

" No time," Marisa barged into his bedroom where a drowsy looking Rambo was in the process of putting his suit on. "I'm warning you Rambsy, I'll leave without you if you're not down in the garage in 10 minutes."

"I'll be there, see you then."

And like he had said, in ten minutes, Rambo was sitting in Marisa's Jaguar in the underground garage. As they started to pull out of spot 390, Rambo thought of something he forgot in his apartment.

" Wait one second Marisa, I'll be right back, I promise." So Rambo ran back to his apartment as fast as he could, ran in the door and, quite frantically, started searching for his umbrella. He had made plans with Mr. Dupont to go out for lunch that day, but he did not want to seem unprepared in front of his boss, seeing how it was quite a dreary day out.

So Rambo ran back down to the car and as he turned the corner to the space, he noticed that Marisa...