Why is ability in reading and writing important?

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At the present time, knowledge is very important for people especially the ability to read and write. Knowing just only how to speak like in the ancient times is not enough at all. Actually, there are the increasing of competition among people in the society today because of the development in our world and the effect of growing in population. The ability in using language becomes one of many ways for determining potential in the individual. A person who is uneducated or who has received a low education has less chance in life than someone who can read and write well or who has received get the high education. Furthermore, our lives can be very riskful for the reason that human daily activities are requiring the capability in reading and writing. Living Life can be very difficult without the understanding about language.

Because the change of time and the progress in our world today, reading and writing skills are more necessary than it used to be in the olden day.

For the ancient time, people were likely to do the cultivated works than sitting in the houses or offices for doing the account things. Ancient people did not need much in knowledge for reading and writing. Most of all, they needed strengths of body than language ability.

Development of our world has had a great effect on people to compete and struggle with each others for getting the best chances in life. People who read and write well have the better opportunities in getting jobs. They need to learn and be educated for receiving those chances. As a result, reading and writing skills becomes to have the important role on how people become successful.

Capability in reading and writing affect one to have more security in life. How can...