Why abortion should be legal

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In North America one of societies most appreciated and respected rights is their free choice. People choose how they live. No one would accept someone telling them where they can live, who they can marry, and how they make decisions in their life. Why should they decision of whether or not to have an abortion be any different?

Every woman has the right to have an abortion because abortion will happen whether it is illegal or not. It is a woman's free choice to have an abortion because it's her body. The majority of legal abortions are safer then giving birth.

Abortion has not always been safe. Before abortions were legal, between the late 1800's and 1973, many women had severe medical problems after attempting to induce their own abortions or going to untrained "professionals." This resulted in perforations (tears or holes) of the uterus, severe bleeding, cervical wounds, infections, major blood clots, and death.

Around the world in countries where abortions are illegal, abortion is one of the leading causes of maternal death. Each year approximately 84 000 women die world wide from failed illegal abortions.

Abortion is a woman's free choice because it's her own body. When a woman is raped she should not have to give up nine months of her life, she should not have to take responsibility over a child. Women that have been raped would want to have an abortion because the baby would be a constant reminder of their pain and sorrow.

Child finances are enormous, if a woman cannot afford to take care of a child she should not be forced to. Abortions in the first trimester (first three months) can cost around 300 dollars, the prices rise as the woman enters her second trimester. If a pregnancy is far...