"Why Abortions Should be Illegal".

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What would you do if a thirteen-year old came to you and told you that she was

pregnant and that she wanted to have an abortion? Do you think it should be legal for

her to be able to kill the baby so that she can go on living her life? Abortions within

the United States should not be legal for any reason because it is murder. Early in 1966

Mississippi passed a law that legalized abortion for those women who had been raped.

Within four years other states started to expand and say if the pregnancy is life

threatening to the mother, or the fetus had abnormalities, or the pregnancy was from

incest then it was legal to terminate the pregnancy. On January 22, 1973 the Supreme

Court of the United States legalized abortion up to the 24th week or in other words the

ninth month of a pregnancy, the stage where the fetus becomes viable.

Abortion is wrong and is murder for it is the killing of a helpless baby. There

are over four thousand abortions performed every day just within the United States.

With adding together all the abortions that have to do with rap, incest and the mother's

physical health only adds up to seven percent of abortions. I believe life starts at

conception, and abortion is a selfish way to fix a wrong choice that was made. Even if

a woman has been raped there still are choices other than abortion perhaps the baby

could be given up for adoption. Why should a defenseless baby be killed because

someone else made a wrong choice. There are many woman out there that can't have

babies and would love to have the chance to have a family. Girls that want to give their

child up for...