Why I Admire President Woodrow Wilson.

Essay by karabear September 2004

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Woodrow Wilson

Imagine standing on stage and presenting a persuasive presentation to the public. While walking off the stage the admiring audience showers you with flowers and cheers. There are many politcal figures to admire. I chose President Woodrow Wilson for his intelligence, accomplishments, and his magnetism.

First of all, Woodrow Wilson was immensely intelligent. In 1873 he was accepted into Davidson College, and then later transfered to Princeton University where he graduated. Wilson then went on to earn a Ph.D. from John Hopkins University in 1885. After becoming a professor at Princeton, he then was promoted to the President of Princeton University. Wilson still remains the only president to have earned a doctorate and still ranks as the recipient of the most honorary degrees.

Secondly, Wilson has made various accomplishments in the course of his life. In 1912 while serving as the reform governor of New Jersey, he secured the Democratic presidental nomination.

In 1920 Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the League of Nations. During his eight years as president, he established four constitutional ammendments. These ammendments included the income tax, the direct electon of senators, prohibition, and women's suffrage. Soon after the United States entered its first world combat, Wilson issued his Fourteen Points for Peace. These are just a few of President Wilsons multiple accomplishments.

Lastly, Wilsons magnetism is also an important attribute. He was extremely capable of attracting others to his point of view. Woodrow, while in Paris, London, and Rome, was showered with flowers and cheers. The United States had become a superpower, and Wilson, who had earned the respect of the world, was ready to bear the responsibilty of our nation's new status. Wilson developed the notion of "looking presidential" and carried it off with flair. Wilson's...