Why Advertisements are Useful to Audiences

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13 December 2013

Why Advertisements are Useful to Audiences

Trying to distinguish the nature of advertising is like saying I am stuck on Band-Aid brand, cause Band-Aid's stuck on me. You might find the money to buy Band-Aids, but you wonder if it was worth buying and if it helps heal a cut or scratch. We are likely to be enclosed and influenced by advertisements, which develops by improving the quality of life for people.

Consumers rely on valuable information from advertisements. We need advertisements to "explain how to use products, gives us recipes, and demonstrates ways in which we can change our homes and places of business"(Source D). Informative advertisements demonstrates how one products is somehow better than another. For example, Sony televisions versus LG televisions. Most people would purchase LG televisions, because it is more durable, lasts longer, has high satisfying customer ratings, and prices are better.

Product demonstration is another way to inform consumers. Advertisers want you to trust their message, but its different if they let you see their results. For example, Dyson vacuum cleaners are being advertised on television and they video themselves vacuuming candy, fur, and dirt. Ads that use videos or photographs inform the public through their demonstrations whether it is on the web or television. If audiences are properly informed an advertisement can bring revenue to a company.

In addition to advertisements informing the audiences, they also increase economic development. Advertisers believe advertising is "a potent example of advertising's enormous power and economic value"(Source B). Advertisements are ultimately beneficial to the economy, because it gives people more information about products and boosting competition. Advertising does appear to make some products cheaper, evidently the ads are informative. For example, products like alcohol or restaurants...