Why African americans should not be given any reparations for slavery.

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Persuasive Speech outline

I. Attention Step

A.How many of you in here would be willing to pay for a crime you didn't commit?

Let's say your father committed the crime would you be willing to pay for it then?

I can see none of you is willing to do so, which just proves my point as to why African Americans should not be paid for the slave trade.

B. After having done extensive research, and interviewed students on campus as well

as other people all of whom are of different racial backgrounds I have become well informed on the issue of African American slave reparations. While I was doing my research I came across an ad from a man named David Horowitz. He is one of the few white people known to be against slave reparations. However he hasn't done much to aid the race debate. His ad, while containing some valid points (some of which I have used) also includes such canards as the idea that slavery benefited blacks (if that were true then one could also come to the twisted logic that the Jews benefited form the Nazi concentration camps), he also said that welfare is repayment for slavery (suggesting that it exclusively benefits blacks), and that blacks themselves were slave owners (which they may have been, but that doesn't exonerate the sin or harm of slavery.

I am telling you this because I don't want you to be against slave reparations for the wrong reasons. If you are going to oppose something then do it for the right reasons. That is why

C.today I would like to tell you why slave reparations is a bad idea and give you good and reasonable reasons to oppose the idea of slave reparations. I will also

present you with...