Why I am optomistic about America.

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I Stand Behind With My Country

I was lucky enough to be born in such a great nation like the United States of America. I was brought up with the idea of the American Dream. So many people before me made this dream possible. I am positive about America's future because of three basic traits: religion, law, and technology.

A person's beliefs keep a person alive both mentally and spiritually. The United States did what a lot of governments didn't, that was to separate religion and government. A person's belief in God rarely is changed, if ever. If we had no separation between God and Government, then we would have Holy Wars all over the United States. Our greatest quality is that we are Unified no matter what our race or what we believe in. We still were created by the one truly divine being.

Our constitution has stood the test of two hundred and twenty-five years of ratifying and repealing of amendments.

The preamble to our constitution states our nation's mission statement: "...in order to form a better Union..." Clearly we did this by The Bill of Rights. Giving the freedom of speech, press, right to hold public meetings, and bear arms, helped set the foundation of a great country. As our nation has evolved so has our constitution with such additions as the Thirteen Amendment, which banned slavery, the Fifteen Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

One way a nation's power is ranked is by how far the country has evolved technologically. One technological advance was in the medical field. Polio griped our nation and brought hundreds and thousands of infected people with this crippling disease; including a leader of our country, President Franklin Roosevelt. Then a man born in New York City with...