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Ever since the ancient years, we have admired athletes and the hard work that they do to

achieve their goal of winning. We idolize them and wish we were more like them. What

happens though when the realization sinks in that they are human too and that some of them do

get greedy and selfish? A lot of athletes are model citizens that you should really look up to, but

there are also some bad apples in the bunch that ruin it for everyone. Athletes can inspire young

people to work hard so that their efforts can pay off, but no one is pure and flawless. Greed

does take a hold of some players, but they shouldn't be the ones we devote all of our attention

to. We should look at the positive things that people do. The media does not go around

reporting all of the good things that these people do, just the bad things and their mistakes.


are only human just like the rest of us. Are these people safe for our children to idolize to look

up to? I think that the answer is YES!

If you were watching the news, would you really want to hear about all of the charities

that an athlete has donated money to? It would be interesting at first, but you would get tired of

it afterwards. That is why the media never covers anything like this. We all know that they really

don't care about anything else except for a hot topic. The truth really does not mean anything to

them. This we notice in all the cases that the media jumps to wrongful conclusions, such as the

Richard Jewel case and the Olympic bombing and the TWA flight 800 that blew...