Why banning religion would make society better.

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Can you believe that parents around the world hold their children's hands before dinner and say things that start wars? Then later in their children's life's they may disown them for not sharing the same belief behind those prayers. Everywhere people fight everyday over different religious beliefs. Thus religion does more harm than good to out society. In order to help everyone in the world get along we need to ban religion.

To explain my point of view to you I am going to talk to you about

1.The vast number of church related scandals that are harming our society.

2.The fact that religion leaves people feeling inferior and then separates society.

3.Religion has been the base for numerous wars.

Starting out with my first point I will tell you about the large number of church related scandals that harm our society. Many religion backed charities do serve communities.

However, they also steal from the very same communities. The Association of God Denominational Church of America was responsible for over 16 million dollars in embezzled money last year according to the second addition of the World Christian Encyclopedia. Televangelists with a healing touch and a full bank account block our TV airwaves with telethons. And there was a point where nobody could turn on a TV without seeing a story on a Catholic priest. These acts are more than just fillers in-between the weather and war on American news. They really hurt people. Growing up they are taught to look up to higher members of their church. When they very people they admire harm them it causes emotional pain and a lot of confusion.

Starting in on my second point, religion also makes people feel inferior. Think of the first thing you learn in any religion.