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Project Management Research Worksheet

Learning Team D

August 9, 2010

Project Management Research Worksheet

Task A: Problem/Opportunity Statement

Response to Task A:

Remington Pekinpaw Davis plans to become the market leader in

on-line trading by overhauling its dated automated system with a highly technological system capable of reaching far more customers then it currently has.

Remington Peckinpaw Davis Inc. is an asset group which is experiencing some problems with its mission diagram particularly as it compares to supply management and accessibility. Remington Peckinpaw Davis plan is to implement an online trading service.

Remington Peckinpaw Davis, well-known as a thriving trading company, does not have adequate resources in place to maintain their computer systems nor maintain the appropriate number of staff members on duty. RPD has plans for better allocation of staff and new staff, and better use of project management tools.

Remington Peckinpaw Davis (PRD), creation and developed of a strategic plan to enter the on line trading market will require planning.

PRD will have the opportunity to increase their customer base and the ability to manipulate stocks. Strategic planning and development is a financial risk, change risk, operational, risk, and unforeseen risk.

Generic Benchmarking-The purpose of generic benchmarking is to identify potential solutions to the problem statements defined in Task A. You will do this by looking at how companies in other industries have dealt with similar issues.

Topic A: Data Reliability

Response to Topic A:

With over 10 billion dollars earned annually on established products alone, Pfizer has led the pharmaceutical industry for years. This has been because of its ability to anticipate when a product, sold by them exclusively, will become copied by another company and be rebranded as a generic. Established medicines are products that have been sold exclusively by...