Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God

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Introduction"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" (II Timothy 3:16)In this paper, I will describe why I believe that the Bible is the true Word of God. In doing so, I will describe three internal and three external evidences which I feel clearly prove my hypothesis. First, I will explore the indisputable unity which exists throughout 66 books written by 40 distinctly different authors-authors from three different continents, who spoke three different languages and who existed over 1,500 years. I will then look at the body of prophesies contained in the Bible, which all came true-over 300 in the Old Testament alone concerning our Lord Jesus Christ. And then the final internal evidence, the unique authority and power the Bible has clearly demonstrated over the centuries, which enabled it (through the power of God) to transform untold numbers of lives and cultures from sin to glory and from darkness unto light.

The external evidences are just as powerful. First I will demonstrate the historicity of the Bible and the archaeological and independent documentary evidence which confirm its unerring accuracy. Then I'll take a snapshot of the integrity of some of the human authors. Finally, I'll delve into the indestructibility of the Bible from Roman times until today.

Internal EvidenceThe internal evidences of the Bible's claim to be the Word of God rest in the demonstrated unity of its human authors' work, the number of fulfilled prophesies, and the authority and power the Bible has shown in the transformation of lives and cultures over two millennia. Further, its overall unity, despite the physical and cultural separation of authors and language, and total lack of demonstrable contradiction among the 66 books that comprise the Bible, are only...