Why call it choice?

Essay by Cassie18A, September 2004

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Refrain: Why.....call it choice .....when it's killin'.

Why... call them fetal, when they're little tiny people.

They've got fingers, toes, and heartbeats.....seen their picture, had you heard the heart beat?

Ever seen a baby? So innocent, so beautiful.

Notice their eyes, reaching out for love?

Ever felt their skin, that soft tender texture of love?

Now tell me why.....call it choice .....when it's killin'.

One out of three, don't look - you'll see. In this land of freedom, our own tiny people helpless tiny people being destroyed.

Doomed by our hands, before they see the light of day.

Before they see the moon and stars, before they see their mother, their daddy, their attorney......and they cry why.....call it choice .....when it's killin'.

He's too young, she's off to college, let's get back to the promenade.

It's embarrassing, it's inconvenient, little people cost far too much today.

It threatens to endanger my lifestyle, her career shot down,

It's imperfect, bad hair, wrong genes, ugly stare,

Big mistake, return to sender........

now why.....call it choice .....when it's killin'.

Let's peek through the curtain, let's stifle our qualms.

Let's set aside convenience just for a minute.

Let's look at our bloody hands, let's reflect upon sins of omission.

And think, really think, I said think, really think, about partial birth destruction....

Pray tell me why.....call it choice .....when it's killin'.

You're getting on my nerves.....leave me alone......

I'd like to forget what I already know.....

Don't want to get involved.....

Don't want to talk about it, and it's not my problem anyway.

I choose to abuse, I choose to lose.

I choose cancer, and endless nightmares......that's why .....call it choice; I call it choice, and it's killin', killin' you and killin' me.