Why Canadians Were Succesful at Vimy Ridge

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Saturday, October 01ST 2011

Why Were the Canadian Troops Victorious at Vimy Ridge?

From April 9th 1917 to April 12th 1917, the Battle of Vimy Ridges took place, this battle is where the Canadian troops came out victorious. Canadian troops were victorious at Vimy Ridge because of team work, successful planning, and spying. Canadian troops were victorious at Vimy Ridge because of team work. Working as a team, especially in war is very beneficial as it can bring your country to victory. Now in Canadian history this was the ". . . [f]irst time, all four Canadian Divisions of the Canadian Corps would be fighting together as a single unit[,]" (Canada; Our Century Our Story). Therefore, working as a team will result in a tremendous victory. Succesful and skilful planning is another reason why Canadian troops were victorious at Vimy Ridge.

Ian Sinclair is a former Captain, but in 1917 he led this attack. While being interviewed he quoted, "[t]here had never in history been such a detailed planning and spreading of information[,] [e]verybody down to the lowest private knew what the plan was from beginning to end[,]"(Canada; Our Century Our Story). Due to successful planning by Captain Ian Sinclair, Canadian troops were victorious at Vimy Ridge. Lastly, Canadian troops were successful at the Battle of Vimy Ridge because of spying. In 1917, the use of aircrafts was becoming a crucial way to win battles, so Canadian troops started taking "aerial photographs. . ." (Canada; Our Century Our Story) to strategize they're attacks and to create a map of the battlefield. The result of spying had given Canadian troops an upper hand which had led them to victory at Vimy Ridge. In...