Why children in Canada are fortunate. charter of rights in relation to the rights of children is discussed.

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Children in Canada are fortunate

Compared to other countries, Canada has a better track record when it comes to following the Children's Bill of Rights. In this essay, I will attempt to prove that children born, raised, and living in Canada are treated with more respect and humanity than other cultures across the world. A lot of people, especially in Canada, are not very familiar with issues regarding child labour and slavery, simply because these things are either non-existent, or a closely guarded secret here in Canada. A prime reason for this is because Canada is a place where freedom and equality thrive among society, and children are protected from occupation exertion and unfair wages for time worked.

Although the Children's Bill of Rights outlines a number of issues regarding the rights or children, there are also many which dictate what children have the right not to be subjected to.

In other countries, without extensive research to prove this, young people may not have a choice when it comes to working for an employer who does not provide a safe work environment for his employees. In more detail, a lot of children from a place such as Pakistan are sold by their parents at a young age, so that whoever picks them up will have a good worker and will not have to pay at least a substantial wage. In some cases, the children are secured to their work station and forced to work by torture and other cruel things. Something of this nature will not be anything to worry about in Canada. As well, the Children's Bill of Rights was made specifically for the protection of our little people, and without it, I'm afraid that we'd be in as bad a shape as other countries are today.

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