Why children should be disciplined

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I am a mother of two wonderful children. I discipline my children each and every day, and it is not punishment. I correct them on how they use their word and how they eat. I also discipline them on how they play with each other. It doesn't end there I show them how to do the right things and how to do things the right way. To my husband and myself that is discipline. Punishment on the other hand is a way you show them when they have done something wrong. The way you use your voice and how you take the matters in your hands after they have done what they have done. You my spank or ground them to their rooms, no T.V. or Internet, Games, there are many thing you can choose to do now a days.

Many parents use the words discipline and punishment interchangeably. The dictionary informs suffering and us that discipline is from the word disciple which means a student while punishment has to do with pain, harm Taking a closer look at these two words allows parents to make a choice as to what is in the best interest of their child as well as to identify the specific goals of the behavioral intervention.

Punishment Even when done with the best intentions, punishment has been shown over time to negatively affect academic performance, social competence and increase antisocial behaviors throughout the childhood years and into young adulthood. DisciplineIf your goal as a parent is to teach, train, or help your child develop the necessary skills to lead a successful life and make a positive contribution to the world then discipline is the way to go. Discipline is not just a word. It is an approach to life that includes, above all mutual respect...