Why cloning is bad.

Essay by angelsblessingA+, June 2003

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Good afternoon Madame Speaker, honourable members of the house, and esteemed judges.

The topic I am going to talk about today is the issue of how technology can be fundamentally unhealthy for our society. I believe that this statement should stand and not fall.

There are many reasons for my decision, such as losing original learning processes, the negative effects of the Internet, and the depletion of the ozone layer.

Technology may cause the loss of original learning processes- such as mathwork and books. We now have calculators to do equations for us- something even a toddler can learn. Will the future generations ever going to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide on paper? Or will they only know how to use the calculator? We now have the Internet to look up information for projects and assignments. The library will be no use to us anymore since there are countless collections of information through the Internet. Will the future generations even learn how to use an encyclopedia, an index, a glossary or even the Dewey Decimal System? At this rate, I don't think they are.

The Internet can provide a vast variety of unregulated information, both good and bad. One negative point is hacking. Hacking means to gain access to a computer file or network illegally or without authorization. This can be extremely dangerous to large companies and may result in failure. Hacking is illegal but there are still many hackers around, who do hack into bank accounts and government statuses. Another point would be emailing. We all know that emailing is a faster way to communicate than 'snail mail' But it is in fact extremely dangerous. You can receive blackmail from people you don't know and you can send emails that can never...