Why is Communism a superior form of Government?

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Communism has been something to be looked on for the last decade or so. This is largely due to so many Westerners following the bias set in place by their parents. Should we, the people of today simply don the blindfold of our parents, and let the most beneficial of all governments fall into a dusty history book?

It is terrible that so many of the good acts performed by Communist Governments are being forgotten, and we, the youth of today are showed and told only of the atrocities that occurred. It is a fact that many of these terrible events did happen, but such things are not reserved exclusively for socialist governments. The French Revolution was supposed to free the peoples of the world from an evil monarchy, but instead turned to killing innumerable innocents. This is exactly what so many people criticise the Soviet Union of. The democrats can't criticise, they started it a century and a half before the USSR even existed with their "Revolution to free the people".

This was a falsely labeled revolution, and the true Revolution of Liberation did not occur until October, 1917.

Still the world did not see the truth that had been revealed to them in 1917. Instead, the people of Germany elected the most evil man of the millennia to power. Another war, more suffering. Following the Second World War, East Germany had the luck to avoid Western influence, and gained a Communist Government. East Germany had gone full circle. From despotic monarchy, to false democracy, to facism, and at last to socialism.

Only four years after WWII, against communism was proved to be superior to other forms of government. Chiang Kai-Shek's corrupt Kuomintang had failed to do anything against Japanese invasion, and instead Mao Tse Tung's Communist Party...